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Image of Small shallow glazed vessels

Small shallow glazed vessels

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Small shallow layered parian slipcast vessel with transparent shiny glazed interior

approx size: D:7cm, H:2.5cm

1. Exterior: Off white, Interior: teal with a transparent shiny glaze
White, teal and black striped rim.
2. Exterior: Off white, interior: dark grey with a transparent shiny glaze. white and black striped rim.
3. Exterior: teal, interior: light grey with a transparent shiny glaze. White and black striped rim.
4. Exterior: dark grey, interior purple with a transparent shiny glaze.

This product is handmade in my studio in West Yorkshire. I use a parian semi-porcelain slip to create the vessels, which are slipcast in layers using my trademark colour palette. Vessels are high fired which means they are waterproof even when left unglazed, meaning they are suitable for food use if desired.

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